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SCAD Savannah – Winter 2019 – Graphic Design and Advertising – Chair – Duke Greenhill – Ruskin Hall – Photography Courtesy of SCAD

Duke Greenhill

Savannah College of Art and Design

Spotlight Speaker

Cultivating Creativity in Critical Moments

Educators, from boarding schools to universities, are suddenly catapulted into developing creative and innovative solutions to everyday activities—in real time and under enormous pressure. In this interactive spotlight session, Professor Greenhill, advertising strategist, writer, and filmmaker, will unpack the science of creativity, guiding you toward setting the conditions for innovative problem-solving in your community and with your leadership teams. With moving examples from his industry and classroom experience, you’ll gain inspiration for stoking outside-the-box thinking during the most unprecedented—and precedented—conditions.

December 9 • 12:00pm ET


Authentic Storytelling: How Video Can Promote Connection and Reflection

Woodberry Forest School maintains a robust YouTube channel: WoodberryTV. Video helps our students show the world what life at school is really like. It gives students a venue to tell their stories and the school’s story. In this session, we’ll look at how the medium offer students a way to reflect and react to their school experience, strengthen their understanding of self, and build their storytelling skills.

Jacob Geiger

Director of Strategic Communications, Woodberry Forest School, VA

Tyler Campbell

Assistant Director of Communications, Woodberry Forest School, VA


How Do You Deliver an Immersive Marketing Experience?

Do you deliver a cookie-cutter education? NO, you don't! Explore how to craft an immersive, personalized, end-to-end experience - from the moment a family first discovers your school, throughout their academic years on campus, to their lifelong journey as Alumni. Prepare to be WOWed.

Simon Noakes

Founder & CEO, Interactive Schools, Bucks

Lauren Castagnola

Director of Communications & Community Relations, Westover School, CT


Creating A Crisis-Ready Culture

This session will begin with sharing the core elements that are the foundation to your crisis communications plan. Facilitators will walk through a crisis case identifying what worked, what didn’t and why. The room will then be divided into groups and work on a case study that will be based on a current trending issue. If your school doesn’t have a crisis communications plan, this session will provide guidelines for the development of one.

Jim Hulbert, Esq.

Partner, The Jane Group, IL

Karen Joostema

Director of Communications, The Madeira School, VA

financial management

Storytelling: the power of data visualization

Data visualization is a powerful tool that helps an audience digest and process patterns and trends from a complex data set. Does your data tell a compelling and persuasive story?

Tanner Baker

Research & Analytics, Rational Partners, NY

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