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Heads & Senior Management


Head to Head Partnership

Being a head of school can be very isolating…how many school leaders have educators on their board? There is great value in having someone who truly understand what keeps you up at night – who lives and breathes a 24/7 commitment to school leadership; who is a thought-partner; who adds informed perspective, knowledge and strategic thinking. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how two institutions structured their board to include educators—come ready to share ideas and connect!

David Perfield

Head of School, Oldfields School, MD

Peter Curran

Head Elect of School, Blair Academy, NJ

Andrew Menke

Head of School, Waterford School, UT

Jeff Leahy

Head of School, Colorado Rocky Mountain School, CO


Why Net Tuition Revenue Is Not “The Only Number That Matters”

Join a panel of 2 heads of school, 2 board/finance chairs, and a management consultant in institutional economics, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of crafting a sustainable economic model for boarding schools. Session includes an extended Q&A and financial sustainability analytics from 175 boarding schools.

Topics covered include
• Program Revenue: fair-market price, full-pay seats and value proposition • Program Expense: SG&A expense and labor productivity
• Grants: Need, merit, remission and socioeconomic diversity
• Philanthropy Net: Advancement, endowment and asset conservation
• Physical Plant: Capital maintenance and space utilization.

William Kummel

Principal, Rational Partners, NY

Bart Griffith

Head of School, Shady Side Academy, PA

Randy Bertin

Head of School, Cushing Academy, MA


Crisis Prevention and Response

This session will provide advice and insight into training and oversight designed to avoid crises to the greatest extent possible; plus, advice from an experienced attorney and crisis communications professional about responding to crises and communicating effectively with constituencies, including board, alums, students, parents, future parents and staff.

Morgan Paul Rueckert

Attorney, Shipman & Goodwin LLP, CT

Chris Tennyson

Communications Consultant/Author, Tennyson Communications, NY


Protecting Students from Educator and Peer Sexual Misconduct- An Interactive Workshop

High profiles cases and victim advocacy are resulting in an environment intolerant of inaction preventing and responding to educator and peer sexual misconduct. Join our interactive workshop to explore evolving legal standards redefining a school’s current duty of care. Participate in “hands on” exercises focused on steps schools can take to deter and respond to misconduct, from baseline standard of care to best practices including vulnerability audits, policy review, protective employment practices, and behavioral-based training.

David Wolowitz

Senior Director, McLane Middleton, PA, MA

Megan Mann

Legal Counsel, NAIS, DC

Constance Neary

Vice President for Risk Management, United Educators, MD


Managing Risk In Employee Separations

Separating employees is a necessary aspect of management that is accompanied by significant risk. Schools that handle separations skillfully, and with forethought, are able to dramatically reduce such risk. During this interactive program led by experienced employment counsel, participants will learn best practices for planning separations, carrying out separation conversations, conducting reductions-in-force or voluntary retirement programs, and negotiating separation agreements, all with an eye toward buttressing the School’s defenses in possible future litigation.

Matthew Batastini

Managing Partner, Schwartz Hannum PC, MA

Chuck McCullagh

CFO, The Williston Northampton School, MA

financial management

Storytelling: the power of data visualization

Data visualization is a powerful tool that helps an audience digest and process patterns and trends from a complex data set. Does your data tell a compelling and persuasive story?

Tanner Baker

Research & Analytics, Rational Partners, NY

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